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Tips When Having Sex With A Vibrator

Sex can be an extremely fun and enjoyable activity and many individuals choose to have sex on a regular basis. However, there comes a time in some relationships when it’s time to think about ways in which to spice up your sex life. In this article we will take a look at how you can use a vibrator during sexual intercourse, outline the benefits of using a vibrator, and will explain some tips that you can use when you are enjoying this toy during the sexual act.

If you are choosing to have sex with someone and want to use a vibrator, it can be fun to gently vibrate it on your partner’s body. Try moving it around their whole body; perhaps start with a nice back massage. It can also feel good on the nipples, and will drive your partner crazy when it starts making its way in between the thighs.

Having Sex with a Vibrator

When your partner is having oral sex with you, try using the vibrator so that it makes the stimulation of the clitoris even more intense. You can alternate the tongue action with the vibrator for maximum stimulation. And there’s nothing like having a hard penis slowly pumping while a vibrator is humming on the clitoris. Sheer heaven!

When you feel relaxed about using a vibrator during the sexual act with your partner, let them take complete control and use it on you. Your partner will then be able to also focus on other parts of your body by licking and kissing, whilst they are using the vibrator on you.

Does a Sex Toy Prevent Climaxes During Sex?

It is also important to consider how often you will use your vibrator. Sometimes over use with the toy can make normal sex slightly less exciting. This is because a vibrator has a more intense experience on the individual who uses it, and many individuals will find the experience of a human not as intense and pleasurable. It is therefore important to take breaks from the vibrator over time, so that you can enjoy the pleasure that a human will give as well.

It’s best to use a vibrator together with a partner, so as to achieve maximum pleasure. The vibrator alone can certainly do the trick, but there’s nothing quite like the feel of another human touching the skin. is a good place to get maximum sexual pleasure.…